More about my background, style and approach to documenting your stories.


Why did I choose photography?

It may sound cliché or déjà vu but I grew up with parents who were passionated about photography. My father developed his own films and my mother at a young age made collages and montages with her prints. My parents documented almost everything from scratch until my young adult life. It was during this period that I began to explore photography more seriously. Equipped with a Minolta silver camera that my mother had given me earlier. After years in the hospital environment, I refined my photographic skills by completing my photography studies in Paris and by working with renowned photographers such as François Rousseau: the latter allowed me to considerably improve my technique by using film and capturing fashion images with great estheticism for large advertising campaigns.

Lisbon wedding photography

My approach

My approach to photography is relaxed yet focused and highly professional. To me, each couple and their story is truly different, and I do my best to guide them through their day to make it very special. I love spontaneity, the movement, the moment of life, capture the essence and the emotion. Dedication to my bride and groom's wishes, attention to details and guests, and above all tenderness are constants in my work...