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A Couple session or session intimate or boudoir
At home or in studio an intimate session is my favorite way to capture love between two people.
In that case you are shy, most of the couples feel more comfortable in their house or  in the studio. Like this, no one watching.
Photographing nice moments of emotions and candid moments is very intimate.
Most of the time it is that shyness that turn into loving gestures, unique with a lot of kindness.
Besides it’s all about the connection that the couple share.
I take the love, feelings and emotions that make them come to life In the camera.
In fact couple sessions are so fun!
I will follow you gesture to catch the emotion. This magic moments that you have with your partner.
We can get more adventurous in order to find the perfect location.  That will suit your personalities.
If you are in Holliday or based in Lisbon and you want to take some hours to shoot outdoor in some beautiful landscapes.
I shoot all over Portugal it can be in the mountain, on the beach, in the city, sky is the limit.
If you decide to go further or even aboard, I will be happy to travel in order to give you the best service so you will have beautiful pictures to share with your family an friends or as a souvenir