The year 2020 brought new terms to the wedding industry, such as micro-weddings or mini-weddings. Is this a temporary situation or a real trend?

In any case, these new wedding formats have allowed couples to adapt to health restrictions while still celebrating their love. Micro-weddings, limited to a small number of guests, have made it possible to organize more intimate and personalized events. Mini-weddings, on the other hand, have emerged to allow more guests to share this special day while respecting the current health rules.

But beyond these new formats, weddings remain a unique moment where love and emotion are at the center of everything. Wedding photographers have thus played a crucial role in capturing these precious moments for eternity. Despite the health constraints, they have adapted their work to allow couples to keep an unforgettable memory of their union.

So, whatever form weddings take in the years to come. One thing is certain: wedding photographers will always be there to immortalize these moments of love and sharing. And it is with passion and dedication that they will continue to practice their profession, to offer couples unforgettable memories of their union.

In conclusion, the health situation may have disrupted the world of weddings in 2020, but it has also highlighted the adaptability of professionals in the sector. Micro-weddings and mini-weddings may be temporary solutions, but they have created new moments of emotion and sharing. And that is the essential thing because the wedding, whatever its form, remains above all a unique and precious moment.

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Micro wedding photographer

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